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A.C.T. Events is the Europe’s leading supplier of movie cars – cinema cars – picture cars – film car rentals in Spain & Europe. We have been in operation for over 20 years.  Our location is in the center of all the major filming locations in Spain. We are just minutes away.  ALMERIA — ALICANTE — San Miguel de Cabo de Gata – San Jose – Gibraltar – Tabernas  – Alcazaba of Almería – Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain – South Eastern Spain. Ask about our mobile make-up/wardrobe truck complete with green room, kitchen and toilet facilities.  We have rental generators available for film sets. CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU NEED? WE CAN CUSTOM BUILD OR FIND CARS FOR YOU. ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL DAILY / WEEKLY PRICES — ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE.

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Our fleet of picture cars,  limousines, chauffeur cars and prestigious wedding cars are immaculately maintained by our in-house engineers so as to ensure the best possible service for our customers. We have a wide database of vehicles of all ages, ranges and styles. The customer (producer, agency …) must have civil liability insurance for the shooting, photo shoot or event, covering possible damages that could occur in the vehicle(s) during work. 

Film and TV productions, Advertising-commercials, music videos, corporate videos and location photo shoots in and around Almeria, Andalusia Spain. Everything you need to transform your car into what you are looking for we can achieve. Paint, upholstery, modify, add, remove, ultimately transforming the vehicle completely to the customer’s taste. We have a wide staff of technicians and experts in the mechanical area of ​​general repair, as well as components.


MOVIE HIRE At A.C.T. Event Planning we can provide vehicle props and accommodation for those in the movie business.

We are the largest picture car provider in Spain. We assist any size production company including major movie picture companies, medium sized and small production firms. We provide custom built cars, modifications, stunt cars, American cars, classic cars, sport cars… you name it.  Over the past 20 years we have provided movie cars in Spain to thousands of production companies. We have assisted Fox 2000 Pictures & Scott Free Productions in the production of “The Counselor” starring Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, & Cameron Diaz filmed in Spain. In 2015 we worked with BluePrint Pictures and Babieka in the filming of “The Second Best Marigold Hotel”. Sveriges Television TV Series Mästarnas mästare 2015 & Eternal Glory.

The Tabernas region of Almeria is well known for movie locations and has featured in many famous films like, Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia, Conan the Barbarian, Indiana Jones and many more.

Even within the last few years, Malaga actor and director, Antonio Banderas, has been looking around the Alhambra Palace in Granada looking for locations for his new film, Boabdil, the last King of Granada.

In addition to leasing Motion Picture Cars in Spain, Movie Cars in Spain, Film Cars  in Spain, Video Production Cars & Props we provide Catering, Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, Wedding Planning, Events, Parties, Shows and much more.  We also provide celebrity event planning services and private celebrity weddings to the celebrities around the world.
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