We are here to help you, please call us, email us,  or whatsapp one of our specialists if the information below does not help you. We have made it simple with multiple ways to search and find the vehicles you are looking for.

Most people have a little bit of difficulty searching with Smartphones but it is really simple* – here are some quick tips to find what you are looking for.  ( You might scroll to the middle of the screen and have a look at the Desktop PC options for a broader view of the options and results )

Movil / Mobil / Smartphone browsing:

See help below or watch the video

Menu : The Main menu is condensed.   See the image below  label  (A)  Main menu click to display the menu

One quick way to search is to click the blue search box – label (B)  Quick search

Another way is to click the blue sub menu  (C) Browse by body style

-or- Click the blue button search  – (D)   Gallery of Fleet – Flota Vehiculos

Click the images below to see how each option looks.

[huge_it_gallery id=”2″]

Also on the home page (start page) at the bottom  is a slideshow of the gallery of fleet / flota, click the round buttons under the show to advance the pages:

The next area of help is the flota / fleet listings page which is also quite simple with some tips.

This page you still have the Menu top left, and the Blue Quick Search Button  top rightbut in addition you have two other options:

  1. Search Filters
  2. Search by Category

1- Search by filters – please wait on your mobile phone for the page to fully load, otherwise the filters will not appear, when they do, you will see a screen appear, you may have to scroll down just a bit. See image below. The filters have options to search by year, make, model, color, body type and more.

When you refine the search, the gallery changes below the filter settings ( scroll down a little and you see the refinements)  and you can also reset the search with the reset search button to start over.

2 – Category – is another way to search for flota / fleet of different or multiple types, for example select trucks and all the trucks appear below your filter.

PC / Laptop Browser or Tablet with (Desktop Site) option enabled in the browser

[huge_it_gallery id=”3″]

Most of the common problems in searching for our fleet / flota vehiculos is due to the fact the site is modern and responsive, so it works on any device.  All websites online are moving or already in this format.   We hope these quick tips help you.

Want more search tips ?

A. PC or Laptop   ( or using Google Chrome on your smart device or tablet, with the page option “request desktop site” enabled.   At the top of the every page is a bold menu , beneath the logo.  Two options to get to the fleet gallery / flota .

  1. Click RENT    or  2. Click FLOTA VEHICULOS

B. On the Start Page or Home Page under the recent listings you have two more options

  1. Click in the Search Posts  search box to search any posts for information -or-
  2. Click on one of the Categories

C.  From the Main menu, there is a Gallery Option.  This option only shows you one photo of each vehicle, but is a quick way to find what you are looking for.

D.  Quick tags.  We are creating some quick tags, and all you have to do is add to the end of the  browser url the tag.  For example from the home / start page the url looks like this http://www.eventfilmcars.com  – when you add /classicos to the end of the url , for example :  http://www.eventfilmcars.com/classicos . The website will redirect you to all fleet labeled classico.

Current Tags are :   /classic   / classicos  /classico   /camiones  /trucks  /coches  /cars  /rent  /fleet  /flota

we will add more tags in the future.  for example /jeep

E. Another easy way many producers, production firms, art directors, vehicle coordinators, email us or whatsapp us photos of the kind of cars they are looking for.  This is another efficient way, but also it is nice to look at all the inventory on our site because sometimes, there is a vehicle, set, prop, equipment that they did not think about and can use. This happens for every film we work with, and the company ends up renting more than a few items from our fleet.