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Locate cars, location, services near of your production. Through one of our Picture Car Coordinator Partners. Send us an email or call us today.

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Find the highest rated Picture Car Coordinator Services and Film Production Cars in Spain. We work with the big and the small coordinators.

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Rather than use a network of multiple different film services, why not choose one that can provide solutions in several areas.

Event Film Picture Vehicles Coordinator Partners

Cut out the middle man and save on your budget! So you can rent all the vehicles you are planning in for your film within your budget. Many times a smaller budget film, cannot afford the big picture vehicle coordinators, but even then, some coordinators budgets, eat up all of your picture vehicles budget, not leaving room for the cars you really want. We help elevate that problem. We have several partnered coordinators available, from a finders fee based and coordination service, to a full service picture vehicle coordinator at affordable rates. Event Film Cars is the Europe’s leading supplier of movie cars – cinema cars – picture cars – film car rentals in Spain & Europe. Search our inventory for easy and quick picture film car rentals, film prop rentals, equipment rentals, set rentals, production services and or other services we provide. 

1. Locate vehicles for your production, first from our fleet of over 200 vehicles, our clients or partner vehicles.
2. Oversee the modification, movement, usage, and repair of vehicles in your film.
3. Help you plan and tweak your budgets.

Contact us to help us find the perfect vehicle or services for your production with our fleet, our partners and clients.